Archiwum Bloga

czwartek, 9 maja 2013


Hi! i am awake
just like the children to take
his favorite cake
its over for mind brake

something inside of me
is growing and i wanna be
unity in order to feel and see
i want that power, i wanna be free

i love litle children in me
i have power, connection with higher me
i am awake and i am free
i want love, freedeom in every breath

i said goodbye to my trauma
she made me like fighter like stone- my mama
i fight with every fear
im taking with love my every tear

every madness, sadness, weakness
is killing and dying from my sword
i am conection, the one with my Lord
im not a stick with any sickness.

i am awake and im not afraid to be
i have a power and shield from my lord
im a unit with litle child inside of me
im a one with higher me, i became afighter with sword

i stand certainly and speak that word
i love my self i love my lord
i like that life and that world
i will be fight but im not cold

i am a fighter for good to see
for free will and just for be free
im real, free and love truth
so i want... so I want to wake up you