Archiwum Bloga

piątek, 4 stycznia 2013

When im sad - i write and look at you

Im so sad
I will never Dance
Even if I had
Just another simply chance
Im lonely and im sick
And nobody for me to stick
Together for life
Even if shes dont have to be a wife
Maybe for sex and some close friend
For normal life to the end
And when the pain
And life take care of me so strong
I have my simply English song
I love your body, voice and smile
And when im sad im looking at you while
You are in my thoughts
You are in my mind
And I will love you
Even If I will be blind
Because I love you at all
Your body, voice, hair, smell and smile
And when im sad
I just look at you in picture
And I se us in future
I write something just like this song
Its taking time but not so long
My love for you is deep and strong
I write for us this song
My love I s growing
And going stronger
I love you forever
Or maybe longer
So when im write
I look a tyou and smile
And when im doing
This make me stronger
I can write so much longer
I look at you and sandness gone
Im happy now and song is done.
.this is dot.
A song is over but my love not. 